Waterproof Customized Name Stamp


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Lost track of your children’s things?

Label your child’s name on their things or clothes and never lose them again!

Introducing our Waterproof Customized Name Stamp, that will make you easier to distinguish between your family members’ clothes after you do the laundry! Not only that, but you’ll also be able to prevent your child from losing stuffs in school.


Wide Range of Uses

Can print your name on clothes, books, backpacks, shoes, electric shocks, etc., and can be used as gifts or rewards for kindergartens, nursing homes, elementary schools, etc.

Convenient To Use

Ready for use when you receive it. One simple push down of the stamp onto the garment leaves your own personal mark. The Waterproof Customized Name Stamp is printed with light-sensitive technology and is not easy to fade.


Tired of using classic markers that fade when you wash your clothes? Our Waterproof Customized Name Stamp can be used in a variety of ways, thousands of times in a row. Don’t worry about washing, the ink is designed to last up to 50 washes without fading!


You can refill the ink at any time. No more polluting plastic, you can do your small part to save nature and save money at the same time.

Safe To Use

Non-toxic, wash resistant textile ink makes the ideal name stamp for your kids’ belongings and  will not stimulate your skin.

Housing Assembly Method:

  1. Install the photosensitive pad on the buckle
  2. Install the oil storage cotton on the ink fountain
  3. Fill the ink fountain tank, close the 2 oil plugs, and then close the top cover.
  4. Finally, the bottom The lid is placed on the bottom to complete.


  • Material: Plastic ABS
  • Stamp Size: 63 x 51mm

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