Magical Tracing Workbook for Toddler


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The best preparation to get your toddler  to write, read and draw easily and playfully. 

For children, it’s important for them to go to preschool education which is easier to correct the gesture and writing method of holding the pen. With our Magical Tracing Workbook, you can playfully promote your child’s graphic motor skills and prepare them for writing letters and numbers.

Concentration line tracing exercise pages alternate with coloring pages. Carefully designed picture illustrations you to trace the lines of the figures. Set kids up for success in preschool and beyond with this colorful and interactive preschool handwriting workbook!

Writing – Writing by hand is a highly complex process involving fine strokes, loops, arcs and curves. Mastering it not only improves fluency in writing, but also helps you learn to read.

Lines and Shapes for Beginners – Simple and short exercises ensure early successes and recognition of directions, forms and lines along with first experiences of hand-eye co-ordination.

Turns and Arches for the Advanced – Loops, hooks, and changes of direction improve the child feel for holding and guiding the pen correctly.

Symbols and Pictures – Drawing the first simple pictures and figures is fun, strengthens your child’s self-confidence and also develops their imagination. It unconsciously supports a sense of mathematical figures, signs and symmetries.

Painting and Drawing – Complex and exciting shapes and illustrations. Variety of themes from cute animals, food and many more. Keep your kids busy and engaged!


  • For girls and boys aged 2+
  • Pre-writing and tracing exercises
  • Picture motifs for coloring
  • Puzzles and cognitive games
  • Varied drawing exercises
  • Concentration development
  • Hand-eye co-ordination improvement
  • Preparation for learning to write
  • Child-friendly picture illustrations


  • 1 Set × Children’s Education Textbook




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Beginner (64 Pages), Advanced (128 Pages), Intermediate (48 Pages)


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