Ergonomic Headboard For Head And Neck


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Sleep comfortably in the car with the right head and neck headrest!

Now you can relax while driving and take a comfortable nap while maintaining a proper posture with ergonomic support. TripRest is made in a practical U shape and adapts to your needs.


✔ Prevents discomfort caused by uncomfortable neck and head position. Provides neck support while sleeping in the car in a sitting position.

✔ Suitable for everyone. You can adjust the width and height for both children and adults.

✔ Easy to install and removable. Ideal for vehicles with headrests.

✔ Protects the head from bumps. No more knocking on the window or car door.

✔ Safe ABS material. Made of high quality, stable and safe ABS material.

✔ Rotate 180 degrees. When you don’t need a stand, simply lift it up and save space.

Firmly supports your head and neck without hanging. Supports on both sides, giving you a comfortable sleep experience. EFFECTIVELY relieves muscle tension and neck pain from long hours sitting.

The two  adjustable side pillows of the headrest are filled with a soft and thick memory foam pad for extra comfort. Protected with high quality leather. Easy to clean drools and sweat.


The pillows can also be raised and lowered and rotated 180 degrees to accommodate various heights. Easy to store away or disassemble when not needed.

The high quality ABS telescopic design allows you to adjust the width to attach on to different styles of headrests  keeping it safe and secure.



  • Material: ABS, artificial leather
  • Dimensions: 36CM × 13CM × 25CM
  • Adjustable width: 140-280 mm
  • Includes a U-shaped car holder
  • Suitable for car seats with separate headrests and the distance of the headrest support from 7 to 16 cm. Not suitable for fixed headrests.


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